We cannot ignore how sexualized our culture has become.
The reality is that it affects every living person.
Are we prepared for the consequences and do we even know what they will be?

Who will our children marry one day? Will society be educated enough to cultivate healthy marriages where children can grow up in safety and security?

There are so many important questions we need to ask and so many conversations we want to start!

Our mission is to bring the value back to sexuality. We believe that if a community can be educated about sexual health: mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally; we believe that sexual exploitation can be defeated.
Our dream is to see an educated generation that are empowered enough to break the cycles of sexual exploitation, abuse and addiction!

 Invest in the future of our world and contribute to the distribution of truth.

We need resources to fight for love. With your financial help, we can reach more people and dream for more change!

From the bottom of our hearts; Thank you!

Yours in Justice,

Morne and Chantelle Blokdyk

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ACCOUNT: 073695505

BRANCH: 036009


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Branch code – 051001

Swift/Iban Code – SBZAZA JJ