Morne’ and Chantelle Blokdyk got married in 2012 and have both given their hearts to this cause. They are committed to seeing sexual exploitation, of all forms, decrease in their lifetime.
Their main mission is to see the body of Christ set free from sexual brokenness and exploitation that thrives in secrecy. They continually seek the scriptures and science for answers that will empower their generation.
They attend a local church in Fish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa and love the wider church with all their hearts!

“The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord has anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound;”

Isaiah 61 Vs 1

“As Christians, our silence about sexuality and sexual intimacy has robbed our young people from the education and empowerment to make wise choices. The Lord created intimacy to be celebrated and valued, yet the church has never been more sexually broken than it is today. Christian families are desperate for a biblical and scientific foundation to sexual health and we are desperate to discover the truth and distribute it. We just need to start this conversation.” (Morne’ and Chantelle)


  1. To promote the original design of sexual intimacy.
  2. To educate society about the public health crisis of pornography. 
  3. To create awareness about sexual exploitation, abuse and addiction. 
  4. To warn the vulnerable and promote their protection. 
  5. To empower the body of Christ with the practical tools to pursue purity.
  6. To encourage faith for healing hearts and lives from sexual brokenness.
  7. To start a revolution that will bring back true love. 

“We just know too much to keep silent and not do anything. It is time for the men to rise up and take back their spiritual authority in their homes, churches and communities.” (Morne’)

“When people start to pursue purity and receive the revelation of redemption in this area; we believe that the chances of them sexually exploiting another human being are hugely minimized!” (Chantelle)

“Every adult knows that sexual choices are moral ones – not academic ones. That is why we take sex education beyond the biology lesson and encourage others to do the same!”