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Why Parents are important.

WHY PARENTS MATTER. Sixty years ago, parents (for the most part) had the challenge to keep children physically safe. The televisions, newspapers, magazines, phones and even the early computers were limited... Read More

Why the church is partly responsible for all the sexual confusion.

When you walk into a dark room, you switch on a light if you want to see anything in the room. This world has been walking around in the dark... Read More

How to talk to your child about sexual intimacy. 

Our response to the need for sex education is important. The system of this world has proposed a curriculum to teach our children – unfortunately it proposes to teach values... Read More

“There are no consequences for sexual sin.” #exposinglie1

LIE: THERE ARE NO CONSEQUENCES FOR SEXUAL SIN. It is with great sadness that we find ourselves living in a culture that promotes ideals and beliefs that are contrary to... Read More

Protecting children online and offline

Children were sacrificed in ancient times and are still sacrificed today. I am speaking about physical death as well as emotional and spiritual death. Children are vulnerable and in the... Read More

Protecting children

Who knows how to raise a sexually healthy child? Do we have these conversations in our churches? How do we bring up pure children in a culture that starts to... Read More

Online living

  Internet addictions are increasing and the quality of real relationships are decreasing. I can give you loads of practical tips and resources for staying safe on the WWW, which... Read More