Internet addictions are increasing and the quality of real relationships are decreasing. I can give you loads of practical tips and resources for staying safe on the WWW, which are all good, but right now I would like to address something even more important for the Bible reading & believing Christian: Internal Government. Do you have to be governed by another person or internet filters? Or do you have a strong enough conviction within you that knows the difference between right and wrong, and is able to act accordingly? 

Children need external government, of course, but as adults we need to gr   ow into a space that is totally governed by the Holy Spirit. It has been said to give your child any device without filters and blockers, is basically giving them pornography. It would be like dropping your child off in a dodgy neighborhood and driving away (literally). I am addressing adults in this piece of writing and hope it encourages you to consider the times we live in. The word is very clear that we are to be led by the Holy Spirit IN ALL THINGS; that He guides us, convicts us and grows us to be more like Christ. He is our internal conscience who governs us – if we listen (John 16:8).

Here are some thoughts to encourage you as we live our lives alongside technology.

    God wants us to live our lives in the LIGHT, we are called to be a light in this world.
    We are meant to look, sound, feel, smell and act different – and a big part of that is living honestly in community. The internet threatens our community, it threatens our capacity for intimacy and connection with real people, as it offers us cheap and convenient counterfeits like Facebook or even Pornography. The word tells us that when we keep sin a secret we will not prosper, but when we confess, we will find compassion (Proverbs 28:13). This is the first time in history that a person can live inside four walls without coming into contact with another human being. As helpful as the internet is, it has a very destructive side too. Let us follow the social examples the Bible gives us and have a meal with someone this week. I pray your soul feels refreshed and encouraged with true fellowship and connection! 
    The Bible has nearly 100 scriptures about EYES. This suggests to me that what we watch has a massive impact on us; spirit, soul and body. The eye is the lamp of the body (Matthew 6:22) and so, with that in mind, what are you looking at? If we are following Jesus Christ, our physical age has little significance compared to our spiritual age. We should not be looking to the world to determine what ‘age restrictions’ we follow – we should be trusting the Holy Spirit to guide us in ‘spiritual restrictions’ and be led by the peace He gives us (or does not give us). Looking at everything The Word of God teaches about sexual immorality, gluttony, violence etc. I would be bold enough to say that what you do with your body may be some of the most important choices you make in your life!
    I often listen to Keith Green’s song ‘asleep in the light’ which speaks about christians who are so well fed but cannot get out of bed, he addresses hypocrisy… He would not be very popular today in the motivational christianity that is preached from most pulpits. The Lord is looking for a generation of people that will not say “How far is too far?”, instead they will be asking “How close can I get to the King?”. He is calling us to be perfect, as He is perfect (Matthew 5:48) – to pursue a life of purity that will glorify God! A wise person once said to me “Marriage is not about happiness, it is about holiness”. Before God, we need to live our lives before Him to honor Him in reverence. The fear of the Lord truly is the beginning of wisdom. (Proverbs 9:10)
    The Father can see how messy things are getting, he is not surprised, and we cannot be ignorant of the world we are living in and ignore injustice. Do not let fear hold you back from making the world around you a better place and learning to do good! Part of this is being awake to what is happening around you, when this happens you can do something good that is effective. You can acknowledge the evil around you without entertaining it. In fact ‘true faith’ before Jesus is Justice (caring for orphans and widows) and staying uncontaminated by the world around us! (James 1:27).
    A concept that has faded, our culture has been sexually sabotaged and unfortunately it has effected most homes today. As the sun shines over animal dung – it is not contaminated by the dung, but rather the sun dries up the dung and drives away the bad smell. SO also; those who are pure in heart and pursue purity (being a light in this world) should not be contaminated by the corruption in this world but rather expose it and seek justice. In a nutshell: the Light is unaffected by what it shines on! (Matthew 5:16). Living our lives anonymously behind closed doors and on screens requires the fear of God if we are going to walk in Victory and Blessing. The fear of God cannot be house mates with the fear of Man – SO the choice needs to be made; who will you fear? 

Written by: Chantelle Blokdyk, for Original Design NPC in 2018.